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Victor Trident VL125

TRIE/218/B1 VICTOR LIGHTING 22 X 18W – 22 unit

TRIE/236/B1 VICTOR LIGHTING 8 X 36W – 8 unit

Ex e Fluorescent Zone 1 & Zone 21

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We are selling them based on “current” conditions in one lot. No warranty but interested genuine buyers can come to see and test these units.

Previously these ex-proof lighting units cost around RM800 to 1K but we can let go for the whole lot (22 X 18W and 8 X 36W) for Lump Sum price of RM 8,000.00.

These lightings are sold as it is and in one lot ex-Miri, no warranty. You are welcome to view the product at our location


New, Project surplus